Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kudos, Kudos, everywhere you look....

OK, so I don't think we could be prouder of the amazing work you all do...but it's nice when the rest of the world recognizes it, too.

And once again, just as predictable as the leaves changing colors, we're winning awards all over the place:

This just in from Chris Wheatley, our wonderful adviser to WICB and VIC:

We had a great trip to the Student Media Convention in Washington, DC this past weekend. At the Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc. student production awards ceremony on Friday, WICB won Grand Prize for Best Newscast. (My COMMENT: WAHOOOO!) This was for an afternoon cast by Cody Holyoke '07 on March 23. This is a national award, and it feels great to win.

WICB was also one of four finalists in the Best Sports Play-By-Play category. There were 43 entries for p-b-p, so that's quite an accomplishment. Our entry was the Ithaca vs. St. John Fisher basketball game on Feb. 9. Announcers were Dan Cassavaugh '08 and Pete Sachs '08.


AND...there's more! This in from our new (and amazing) adviser to ICTV, Professor Pete Johanns:

Hey Everybody;

ICTV won a total of 4 awards in this years Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. student production competition. The following ICTV shows were selected as winners:

Best Drama; "Beyond #3"
Best Sportscast; "Sports Final"
Best Sports Play-by-Play: "Ithaca Football vs. Hartwick"
Best Special Broadcast: "The Race 2: Episode 1"

ICTV was also a finalist in 8 of the 11 television categories in the competition including two finalists in the Best Drama Category. Those shows included:

Best Student Website, "ICTV.org"
Best Comedy, "This Week Tonight"
Best Drama, "The Paper-Episode 3"
Best promo, "The Terrible Young Couple"
Best Newscast, "NewsWatch 16"

Since they give out "trophies" to all of the finalists as well as the winners, ICTV walked away with a total of 13 awards. No other school was even close to being nominated as many times as us. It was almost embarassing having Ithaca College mentioned so much, but all of the hardware eased my guilty conscious. (MY NOTE: AND MINE...HEY, YOU GUYS EARN THIS KIND OF ATTENTION...)

Congratulations to everyone who worked on each of the shows! Also, a special thanks to Eloise Greene. I am hopeful we will be able to replicate and even exceed the results at next year's competition!


We're so proud to be Parkies. And we have so many reasons to feel that way....


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