Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa! And the winners are.....

We put all the names in a hat (OK, so it was a box).

And we pulled twenty random entry forms. (The forms were random, the students were not).

Here are the 20 LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY Parkies who get to go to France for two weeks FREE (well, they have to cover their own airfare, but we can also help with that if necessary)

Who says it's not special to be a Parkie?

Nicholas Lareau '10, TVR
Nick Righi '11, TV-R
Rob Engelsman '11, Journalism
Sherry Shen '11, Journalism
Danielle Baker '09, IMC
Andrew Hanold '11, TV-R
Erin Schaffner '11, TV-R
Joni Sweet '11, Journalism
Christianne Enos '11, IMC
Samantha Jacoff '09, C&P
Christina O'Rourke '09, C&P
Colleen Goodhue '09, TV-R
Samantha Constant '09, C&P
Devon Thurmond '09, IMC
Andrew Kalicki '10, C&P
Stephanie Elowson '08, IMC
Stacy Gilbert '10, TV-R
Mary Buehler '10, TV-R
Chris Burt '08, TV-R
Anna Scheglov '10, Journalism

We'll email them individually tomorrow, but if you see this and you know one of them, congratulate them NOW! (And tell them to read the blog...)

I just love this job....



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