Thursday, January 31, 2008

Instructions for getting the official OK to use equipment during break...

So I thought I would post this so you would be able to find it easily over the next few's the PPECS process for getting permission to use equipment over the break:

Permission Procedure For
Equipment Over Spring Break

WRITE a proposal addressed to your faculty member telling why you are making this SPECIAL request.

EXPLAIN why this case is an exceptional one-time event and can only be recorded during this period. Include the particulars of the setting – physical and geographical – as well as why and how obtaining this footage/audio will substantially enhance your project. Understand, AT NO TIME is Park School Equipment allowed to travel outside the United States. It is also important to remember that if you are traveling beyond 100 miles of Ithaca College, there is no College liability insurance to cover the cost of the equipment in the event of loss or damage. You will be assuming the entire cost or replacing equipment should a problem occur.

LIST every piece of equipment (yes, cables, adapters, etc.) you believe you will need, IF approval is given. This list cannot be changed or added to, once signatures have been obtained.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT count on de facto approval.
Do not fool yourself into thinking “there is not a problem…I can conceive, do and complete my project over break. This is SPECIAL PERMISSION we are talking about, not routine assignment work.

BRING this proposal directly to Ellen Diffenderfer in Park 114. She will determine the specific forms needed and book the tentative equipment. Be sure to have your Valid Park Card and IC ID with you.

DO NOT place your equipment requests at the scheduling window nor with the student assistants working in PPECS. The only requests that will be honored or valid are the ones that are reserved with Ellen Diffenderfer in Park 114.

NOTE there are two signatures required on your equipment request and travel agreement are: First YOUR Faculty member who is grading this. The second signature is David Priester, Director of Techncial Operations in Park 111. HE makes the final determination, and may or may not sign off on an individual request at his discretion.

IF you are planning on leaving prior to 9:00 am on Friday, March 7, or returning later than 10:00 am March 17, a waiver is necessary. The waiver must be filled out completely and signed by your faculty member.

NO NEW requests will be accepted after Thursday February 28th at 2:00 PM.


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