Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seniors: They're counting the days...and in need of a mentor

You can always identify the seniors in the Park School: They're the ones who know exactly how many days it is until graduation.

That's not because they're frantic to get out of college.

It's because they're eager to head out into the world and get their dream jobs (well, the jobs that will eventually lead to their dream jobs...)

And we want to help.

That's why the Park School is starting a new Alumni Mentoring Program designed to match a senior with an alum in his/her professional area of interest.

It's a brand new program, a pilot project that we'll use to figure out whether it can work for the entire class. We're starting small and will build it in the years to come. And we're working with some of our most successful and engaged alumni, all of whom are really excited about the program.

Here's how it's going to work:

April Johanns is coordinating it. If you have questions (after reading this AND the email we sent seniors yesterday), you can contact her.

It's a seniors-only program (you'll get your chance when you're a senior).

Seniors will be selected to participate in the program through an application process that includes recommendations from faculty and/or staff. You got the forms in that email yesterday; if you accidentally deleted it, you can get the forms from April.

If you are selected, the Dean's Office will match you up with an alumni mentor.

If you are selected, you will be REQUIRED to attend 3 workshops designed by Park and the Office of Career Services.

If you cannot attend these workshops, you cannot participate in the program (sorry, no exceptions).

If you're in LA, we'll videoconference the workshops so you can still attend.

Here are the workshop topics, dates and times:
Thursday, March 6, 6:00pm, Park 220 - Resume/Cover Letter Workshop (students must come prepared with resume and generic cover letter)
Thursday, April 3, 6:00pm, Location TBA - The Art of Interviewing
Thursday, April 10, 6:00pm, Park 220 - Professional Networking

You'll meet with your mentor by phone for one hour a month (February, March, April and maybe May) to discuss those topics.

We're taking the program very seriously; we're asking some very busy people to commit to giving you a pretty good chunk of their time. Failure to meet any of the requirements of the program -- a workshop or a phone call -- will result in dismissal from the program (just so you know).

We're hoping this will be an efficient and effective way to provide our students with the opportunity to connect directly with a successful professional who cares about their success, and who can give them some practical and invaluable advice about getting that dream job (OK, the job that will lead to that dream job....)


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