Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who's going to FRANCE? Find out on TUESDAY!

A Dijon street scene, photo by James Martin, European Travel

NOTE: I wrote this earlier today and since then, I've received a couple of emails asking whether you have to be present on Tuesday at the drawing in order to win. The answer is no, you don't; if we pull your name, we'll find you and let you know. But it would be a LOT more fun to be there, don't you think? Sorry for the confusion.

We're picking the winners on Tuesday!

This year, we're going to select the names of the twenty lucky Parkies who will be going to France in May at noon in the Park Aud.

I'm going to ask somebody in the audience to step up to the front of the room and pick out of the "hat" -- OK, so there isn't a hat, we'll probably use a box -- the names of the lucky winners.

AND -- because the rules say that you have to be in good academic and judicial standing at the time of the trip, and while I trust that ALL Parkies are in good academic and judicial standing, one never knows what might happen between now and then --

we will also pick five alternates.

Then we'll take the winners' picture (so be there!) and I'll post it to the blog....

And just fyi, Photo Professor Janice Levy is leading the trip this year....and she's planning a visit to Montreal and a dinner-at-her-house-featuring-Beef-Bourguignon between now and then....DOUBLE (TRIPLE!) BONUS!

See you Tuesday!


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