Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Greetings from Indianapolis....where the state is red but leaning blue....

Well, I woke up in Indianapolis this morning (and yes, I went to sleep here, too -- just to be clear): I'm in Indiana to serve as a program reviewer for Butler University. It's an interesting place to be on election day: since Indiana is a swing state, its 11 electoral votes are still up for grabs - and is the grabbing ever underway! The Obama and McCain ads are ubiquitous and ugly; I have been watching the news since 6 a.m, and I've counted fourteen political ads: The Obama ads show George Bush in your rearview mirror, his arm around John McCain. The McCain ads show Reverend Jesse Wright, and accuse Obama of being "Too radical. Too risky." It'll be good when that phase of the democratic process is behind us.

The happy news is that America has gone to the polls. Millions of voters got up early and are now standing in line -- long, happy and energized lines -- to exercise their Constitutional right to help elect our next president.

Here's hoping you'll be one of them. (And yes, I sent my absentee ballot last week....of course!)

See you tomorrow.


Blogger Rantmaster A said...

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, isn't it?

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