Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a birthday bash! Ithaca College Television turns 50....and it was a night to remember

Could it have been any better?

I don't think so.

Nearly 200 of us turned out Saturday night to celebrate Ithaca College television's 50th anniversary, and its status as the oldest student-run college television station in the country (OK, the universe).

A gala dinner and live television show capped off a day of events, including a barbecue with alumni and current students, school tours, clips from old shows running in the auditorium, the Bombers game, and lots (and lots and lots) of lifelong friends remembering great times when they were students at Ithaca College, making television.

The show Saturday night was extraordinary; our current students -- including Sean Brogan as emcee, Erika West as our live on-the-scene reporter, and Joe Pera as ....well, as Joe Pera -- were fabulous, as were all of those who pitched in on everything from directing to lighting: Bryan Mercer, Stu Kenney, Tyler Ries, Joe McCormick, Allison Gainza, Bobby Zeleny, Eric Olen, Jordan Edelstein, Matt Portman, Nick Righi, Ryan Boyce, Mike Sokol. Rachel Hastings, Tucker Ives, Devon Thurmond, Averi Smith, Jeri Krasnoff, Joe Stagliano, Shayna Saunders, Christina Bryant, Brian Rosenberg, Melissa Frisco, James Heasley, Mike Ceccolini, Jillian Mitchell and Anne name a few...

You guys are the best.

And finally, my own special thanks to Professor Peter Johanns, adviser to ICTV; and April Johanns and Melissa Gattine of the Dean's Office for all of their incredible work on this extraordinary event. Six months ago, when they came to me and suggested we "do something" to celebrate ICTV's 50th birthday, I had no idea they meant something of the scope, significance and impact of the event they orchestrated and executed. It was a great gift to every one of the people who attended, to the Park School and to Ithaca College.

We are grateful. And proud.

Happy birthday, Ithaca College television. It was a great first fifty years....can you imagine what we're going to accomplish in the second fifty?


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