Monday, November 03, 2008

ICTV wins THREE (count 'em, THREE) awards at the College Broadcasters conference in Kansas City

The best thing about being the best is....well, that we somehow manage to keep being the best.

You probably just read the post about the fact that the Ithacan just won two Pacemaker Awards, the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for college journalism.

And that's not all!

This weekend, at the national conference of College Broadcasters, ICTV received three (three....that's right, THREE) awards for its website, its intro promo, and its live sports production:

Student Media Website:

ICTV Ithaca College

Best Promo:

ICTV Ithaca College
“ICTV Promo Sign On”

Best Live Sports Production:

ICTV Ithaca College
“Bombers Football”

Congratulations to Adviser Pete Johanns and to all of the incredible students who make ICTV the extraordinary television program it is....year after year after year....


Blogger Condo Owner said...

Congradulations...It is still great to hear about all the new Ithaca College awards it keeps winning, even after being an Alum for over 4 years.

9:07 AM  

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