Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sacramento State? Seriously?

So, let's talk about it: Who has the best college radio station in the country?

Ummmmm.....gosh, could it be Sacramento State? (Nope.)

How about Auburn (fyi, that's in Alabama)? I don't think so.

Well! That leaves DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.



The best college radio station in the country is (of course) right here in the Park School.

WICB has already been selected as the best college radio station in our region (a region that includes Emerson, by the way).

And now we're a finalist in the MTV-U national competition for the best college radio station.

All we need to do is VOTE to win.

And that means all YOU need to do is click here: http://woodies.mtvu.com/nominees/college_radio.

Please (and we'll do it for you when you need it -- that's what community is all about): Take the time to support your fellow Parkies and let the rest of the world know that WICB really is the BEST college radio station in the nation.

No contest.

No doubt about it.


Blogger Marc P. said...

There's no way Sacramento is better than Ithaca's award-winning radio station...You have my vote!

PS: Potentially Parkie, here.

6:18 PM  

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