Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WINNERS! Ask them to send you a postcard from FRANCE

We pulled the names of the students who will be going to France in May on our annual "Parkies Only" trip at noon today.

They are:

Amanda Ahmadi
Sabino Cao
Corinne Colgan
Alex Cunningham
Elisabeth Estrada
Melissa Frisco
Anna Ghosin-Szeliga
Kaitlyn Kaczynski
Kayla Knapp
Christina O'Neil
Seth Palmer
Jacqueline Palochko
Luiggi Ramos
Brian Rosenberg
Lindsey Stafford
Thomas Strauss
Chris Tamburrino
Daniel Vesey
Kelsey Walzer
Robert Zeleny

Alternates (in order, in case one of the others can't go):

Kelly Zenger O'Brien
Taylor Hassman
Allison Boos
Leah Tedesco
Lena Yue

In order to go on the trip, a student must be in good academic and judicial standing as of the spring semester 2009. We will check that status for each of the 20 students early in the spring semester to confirm eligibility; if any of the 20 students cannot participate -- or chooses not to -- we will fill the available slots with the students on the "alternate" list in the order in which their names were selected.

CONGRATULATIONS! (It's so fun to be a Parkie!)


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