Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There's Ithaca College......on CNN! (Thanks, Chloe!)

Chloe Scutt, an IMC major from Dryden, New York, says she didn't vote for the new president-elect.

No matter. When she heard the screaming and hollering out on the quad last night, she joined the hundreds (thousands?) of students who streamed out of their dorms and apartments to chant, march and sing the national anthem.

She also recognized a historic moment, grabbed her video camera, and captured it for posterity.

And for CNN.

Chloe uploaded her segment to the iReport, where it was selected for publication: voila! Ithaca College students were seen around the globe in's special crowdsourcing section AND on its front page.

This afternoon, CNN called to interview her.

Way to go Chloe!

Here's the video (And OK, so somebody in that crowd can't carry a tune -- but whatever: he's doing it with such passion and joy.....):


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