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Park Gets EVEN COOLER: Game Design and Immersive Media, Documentary Studies and Production.....

Documentary Studies and Production, B.A.
Game Design and Immersive Media, B.F.A

Applications are now available for students interested in transferring into these degrees. Information is below. Specific curriculum requirements can be picked up in the Dean's Office (Park 311).

Documentary Studies and Production Degree

The documentary is a creative way of exploring our world with a camera and microphone. It’s hands-on storytelling that entertains audiences while advancing their understanding. Documentary producers can express their passions through video, film, and photography, and they have a real opportunity to change the world for the better. The Park School at Ithaca College offers the only undergraduate documentary program of its kind in the country. Our B.A. degree in Documentary Studies and Production features courses from television, journalism, and cinema and photography, with a mixture of real-world production experience and opportunities for industry internships. This major also provides students with the aesthetic, critical, ethical, and historical perspectives necessary to understand and appreciate the subject.

If you’ve been drawn to documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth, March of the Penguins, Bowling for Columbine, or Super Size Me, this program is for you. You may also be interested in the Documentary Production Concentration, a related program within the Television-Radio Department that specializes in video production.

Our faculty includes authoritative scholars and award-winning documentary makers with extensive experience in the field. Your training will enable you to develop practical skills, and you can take advantage of opportunities within the Park School to build your resume and portfolio with documentary films, trailers, and impressive proposal books.

Game Design and Immersive Media

Opportunities for game and immersive media content developers exist in almost every industry. The Park School’s newest major requires an exciting and demanding mix of classes including computer science, art history, screenwriting, video production, 3D animation, and game design. Beyond mastering the skills necessary to create games and immersive content, students learn to critique and analyize the place of videogames in modern culture. A required minor outside the Park School enables students in the degree to build on their mix of technical skills and liberal arts background in their search for content for the games they will create.

While the idea for a game might originate with an individual, it takes a team, often a very large team, to bring that idea to fruition as a game we all want to play. The Game Design and Immersive Media degree will prepare you for a variety of jobs. It’s not enough to know how to program a game. And it’s not enough to just take classes in game design. You will examine how videogames have affected mainstream culture, take classes in art history to develop a feel for how to illustrate and communicate the visual style of a game. You will play a wide variety of games – board and card games as well as videogames. You will study the industry and learn to work in groups and to manage large projects. And of course, you will create all kinds of games – board games, 2D games, levels, characters, 3D games, casual games, mobile phone games—drawing on content learned in classes you will take in other departments around the college. You’ll create content in virtual worlds such as Second Life. All of this to prepare you to work in immersive media production across media platforms and content types, from film to television to advertising.

An Internal Transfer Application can be downloaded at:

Please note: This is an open application process with no specific deadline until further notice. Once the two degree programs are registered with the New York State Education Department we will be able to review applications and admit students to the programs. We anticipate that this will happen sometime over the summer of 2009, so please give us a summer contact phone and address in your application form.


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