Monday, October 12, 2009

Park and the international documentary scene

This just in from Mexico:
Professor Patty Zimmermann presented the keynote:
"The Open Space Project: Towards a Collaborative and Relational Theory of International Documentary" with Helen De Michiel, from the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture at the Quinto Congreso International de Teoria y Analisis Cinematografico, convened by Sepancine in collaboration with the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia. The Morelia International Film Festival is one of the premiere film festivals in Latin America. You can follow Professor Zimmermann's travels and presentations during her sabbatical year at

And while you're at it, check out this documentary piece, "A Schoolgirl's Odyssey," by our own Park alum Adam Ellick ’99, featured front-and-center on Sunday's New York Times homepage. It's Part 2 of his package on the life of a young Pakistani girl and her family caught up in their country's politics. The first part, "Class Dismissed in Swat Valley," appeared earlier this year. Adam followed the family for six months to produce the package.

Wait-- there's more:
On Sunday November 1 at 10:30pm, Syracuse PBS station WCNY will

screen an hour-long program of Ithaca College student documentaries.
The documentaries will screen in the following order:

“Dealing With Deer” by Matthew Lesko

“Downhill Climb” by Silvia Briga, Lucien Delabruere, Brent Ross

“J.R.” by Kassandra Kittle, Peter Sachs, Neth Weidemann

“Ghostly Encounters” Sarah Bello, Kevin Duckett, Vesna Illievska

The work was produced in Professor John Scott’s Nonfiction Production
class (TVR 29900) and from two Video Workshop classes (TVR 49100)
taught by Professor Scott and Professor Tom Nicholson.


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