Monday, November 14, 2005

ESPN-U airs Park coverage of Cortaca Jug

This just in from Tara Draper....turns out Park is all over the national media these days....

"Myself and Adam Bartow '06 have been working together on a project on the Cortaca Jug football game for one of our classes. ESPNU (the version of ESPN that concentrates solely on NCAA sports) called ICTV to see if they could send a package to air about the game, since it's such a big and exciting rivalry between the two schools.

Since Adam and I are already doing the project, we did an additional package, and sent it off to ESPNU on Monday, and it's actually going to air this Thursday night between 7 and 7:30 during their show The U, which will air before a football game. I think it's pretty cool that the Park School (and especially ICTV) will be represented on national TV like this, and it's definitely something that most other college students (especially ones at bigger schools like USC or Syracuse) won't have the
opportunity to do!"

- Tara Draper '06


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