Sunday, March 25, 2007

Buzzsaw Brings Iraq War Films to Park

I've been a journalist since before you were born (and yes, that's an ad for a shoe store up in College Town, but this is more important than shoes), and I've always believed that the most important mission of journalism is to present the truth, however and wherever it can.

Buzzsaw Haircut, the college's 'alternative' magazine, does that on a regular basis (as do the rest of our student media). But in April, Buzzsaw is going above and beyond its standard practice to engage the campus community in one of the most critically important issues of our day: the war in Iraq.

The magazine is bringing to campus two compelling and enlightening films about the war, both of which will expand your perspective and help you think critically about the conflict and our national policies and practices associated with it.

Iraq War Film Screenings:

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Nominated for Grand Jury Prize Sundance 2007.
April 3rd. 7pm Park Auditorium

When I Came Home with Director Dan Lohaus
Winner of the 2006 New York Loves Film
Documentary Feature Competition at the Tribeca Film Festival.
April 10th 7pm Park Auditorium.
Director Dan Lohaus will be coming to Park to discuss his film.

Mark your calendars...and a special thanks to Buzzsaw for challenging us to engage in the issues that matter most.


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