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I know you have all been waiting for this news (though many of you have undoubtedly already heard it in bits and pieces through the grapevine), but I was waiting to confirm a couple of details with NBC Sports before announcing the "winners" of the 2008 Olympics internships. That confirmation came through on here it is.

First, you should all be incredibly proud that Park was one of only SIX communications schools in the nation to be included in the NBC Sports Olympics internship program. We are winners before we even got started.

Second, every one of you who applied and were interviewed did a great job. The director of the program called me to say she was really sorry they could not take more of our students, but there was incredible competition at all six schools -- and they decided to basically distribute the slots across the six programs as reasonably as possible. (I thought they were going to have more slots in total than the 90-or-so they decided to fill...especially since they asked us for at least 150 student resumes and they interviewed almost 90 of you....but who knew?)

At the end of the process, SIXTEEN of our students will be involved with NBC Sports and the Olympic Games: eleven of them will go to China as interns, and five will spend the summer in New York City, working (yes, as in PAID working [at least to some degree] on the games at 30 Rock.

Here are the names of the students who are headed to Beijing:

Shannon Archer
Derek Callahan
Becky Goodling
Kelley Harrison
David Lease
Bill Ostrander
Adam Rivera
Ryan Woerner
Jessica Woodcome
Matthew Wright
Andrew Zivic

Students who have the opportunity to spend the summer working in New York include:

Brooke Hundley
Kris Lynds
Joe McCormick
Christina O'Rourke
Alyssa Zahler

Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity, and I am absolutely certain you will all do us proud.

(And I know many of you are disappointed; I am disappointed for you....but you all did a great job (I'm sure of it) and they just couldn't take you all. I wish they could....)


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