Wednesday, January 30, 2008

National Conferences on Undergraduate Research Selects 12 IC Students (including Three Parkies!)

Twelve IC students, including three Parkies, have been selected to present their original research at the 2008 National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Maryland in April. They'll join more than 2,200 students and their faculty advisers for three days of research presentations, including posters, oral presentations, visual arts and performances.

They include:
“Exploring Virtual Worlds”
Jason Soon (author)
Tammy Shapiro (faculty advisor)
Department of Strategic Communication

“The Efficiency of the NFL Point Spread Betting Market”
Benjamin McKee (author)
Elia Kacapyr (faculty advisor)
Department of Economics

“How Low Can You Go? The Effects of Substrate Variations on Green Roof Plants”
Dan Carrion (author)
Dr. Susan M. Swensen (faculty advisor)
Environmental Studies Program

“S.O.S via SMS: Text Messaging as a Communication Strategy in Hurricane Crises”
Leanne Gabinelli and Kellie Hoverter (authors)
Dr. Cory Young (faculty advisor)
Department of Strategic Communication

“The Fireman's Rule”
Laurie Stern (author)
Gwen Seaquist (faculty advisor)
Dept. of Legal Studies

“Mythopoetics: The Fringes of Academia”
Robert A. Volpicelli (author)
Michael Twomey (faculty advisor)
Department of English

“Deletion of the Nuclear Gene YME1 Stabilizes Mutant Forms of Cox2p”
Eric Van Fleet (author)
Vicki Cameron (faculty advisor)
Department of Biology

“Examination of Candidate Sex Specific Genes in Xenopus Laevis”
Ana M. Velez (author)
Marc Servetnick (faculty advisor)
Department of Biology

“Gene Expression in Two Incipient Species of the Pea Aphid”
Lei Mi-Mi (author)
Marina C. Caillaud (faculty advisor)
Department of Biology

“Organizational Effects of AAC Devices as Emerging Technologies in Primary and Secondary Education”
Sarah E. Brylinsky (author)
Tammy Shapiro (faculty advisor)
Department of Strategic Communication

“The Effect of Phospholipase A2 Inhibitors on the Processing of Amyloid Precursor Protein”
Pamela Ronco (author)
Ed Cluett (faculty advisor)
Department of Biology



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