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You're ba-a-a--a-ck...and I have a gazillion things to tell you....

Welcome back! We have missed you like crazy (and how ABOUT that lobby floor? We asked for wild and dynamic, and we got it!)

I have all kinds of news, so rather than posting a whole bunch of short blurbs, I'm going to do it all in a bullet list. Here's hoping you'll at least skim the list in case there's something that matters to you (there is bound to be SOMETHING....)

So here goes:

-- Scholarships. I am always amazed at how few of you take the time to apply for our scholarships. Really. If you're paying your own way through college, believe me, I know how that feels -- and what the heck are you thinking? And if your parents are helping out, they would kill you if they knew there's scholarship money available and you're not even taking the time to apply.

So here's the info:
Endowed Park School of Communications scholarships for returning students
are now open to application. The deadline for application submission to
Dean's Office Reception is Friday, February 15. Awards will be granted
over summer for study in 2008-2009.

The list of scholarships, criteria for scholarship application, and the
respective forms for all available scholarships may be accessed at

These scholarships are awarded to students with financial need as
established by the Office of Financial Aid, with the exception of the
James Pendleton scholarship.

2. Our fabulous faculty are (of course) doing fabulous things. As usual. A few examples:
Cinema professor Changhee Chun's documentary, "Spilled (Soy) Milk" was aired via satellite and cable for two weeks in December through MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.), a major TV network based in South Korea that provides content to audiences in the United States. MBC is available on DirecTV as well as via various digital basic and
premium cable platforms throughout the country. In addition, his short film, "Red, Yellow and Blue" has been selected to be showcased during the 2008 Muskegon Film Festival. (Congratulations, Chang!)

In addition, Journalism professor Lisa Drew's most recent article, "Bering Sea Blues," is the cover story in this month's National Wildlife Foundation magazine. Here's the blurb: "As global warming transforms the region, scientists are scrambling to study its diversity of species that depend on ice for survival..." (Way to go, Lisa!)

3. FRANCE! (OK, so this is why it's worth it to read through my long blog postings....)

Here is how it works...

The Park School has a partnership with the Burgundy Business School in Dijon, France. Under the terms of the agreement, a Burgundy student receives tuition assistance to study at the Park School; in exchange, a group of 20 Park students is invited to visit Dijon (and Paris,Geneva, and Strausbourg) for two weeks at the end of May – all expenses paid except for airfare.

-- The trip leaves New York after graduation on Tuesday, May 21, 2008returning June 4 or June 5, 2008 (we're still finalizing the details).
-- The group will fly from New York City to Paris. Participants will be responsible for paying their own round-trip airfare.
-- The Burgundy Business School will be responsible for all other expenses (except, of course, your discretionary spending money).
They will pick you up at the airport in Paris, and take care of you for two whole weeks -- including lodging, food, transportation, and a full itinerary
of events and activities.
-- The schedule will include museum tours, day trips, media visits, lectures and social events with international students studying in Burgundy.
-- The schedule also will include free time to explore Dijon, and surrounding areas OR travel to London, Amsterdam, Munich, etc. Your
expenses on that kind of wider European excursion would be your responsibility, but your expenses if you stay in Dijon will be covered
by the school (except for meals that free weekend).
-- The schedule will also include a visit to Paris. Burgundy will cover all of your expenses on that trip.
-- The group will be accompanied by faculty or staff member of Park who will be coordinating the trip over the next five months and during the two weeks you're in
-- The trip will be offered as a learning experience that DOES NOT require you to enroll for academic credit. We are doing everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible, and we are sensitive to the fact that many students cannot afford to buy a summer-school credit. Those students who need or want academic credit can make arrangements with the faculty member for independent study.
-- In exchange for this opportunity, you will agree to participate in a project documenting your experiences while in France. Those materials will be used to promote the trip in future years. AND you will promise to be the absolute best representatives of the Park School you could possibly be so we will continue to enjoy this partnership with the Burgundy Business School for many years to come.

This year, we can take up to 20 students to France. Obviously we expect many more students to express an interest in participating. So here's what we're going to do:

Monday morning, January 28, there will be forms in the rack OUTSIDE the Dean's office on the third floor of Park. Stop by, fill out the form, sign it, and hand it in to Heidi at the front desk in the Dean's office. One submission per student ONLY.

We'll be accepting forms until 5 p.m. Wednesday, January 30. NO EXCEPTIONS.

if you're studying abroad or in LA, you can email April Johanns at, expressing your interest and providing your name, address in Ithaca, telephone number, class, and the type of documentary work you are best able to produce (writing, video, photography).

Questions about the trip should also be directed to April, but ALL students currently on campus in Ithaca must submit the paper form to the dean's office. If you're not here, you're sick, you're working an internship and can't get to the dean's office, ask a friend to fill out the form for you. Sorry, no exceptions on this one; we're trying to be fair to everybody.

On Thursday, we'll review the forms, make sure we have all the information we need on each form, and put them all in a box.

We'll select 20 forms – lottery-style and send e-mails to those selected no later than Monday, Feb. 4. By applying, you're committing to the trip, so please don't apply unless you're sure you can go.

And the winners will be off to France in May!


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Honestly, as a Park Alum and former Park Scholarship recipient... Take the small amount of time to fill out the scholarship applications! It really doesn't take long at all, and they're VERY helpful, both monetarily as well as professionally. Through my scholarship, I was able to meet people and do some valuable networking!

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