Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home again, home again....

We got back at about 2 a.m. this morning after spending a whole week in LA, hanging out at the Center (those folks are SO GREAT), visiting alumni, and attending one of the Capital Campaign celebrations (it's almost over, and we ARE going to make our goal of $115 million, I just know it...who can believe THAT?!? Congrats to everybody who worked so hard to make it happen, especially VP Shelley Semmler and her staff over in Alumni Hall...what a long and interesting road it's been, but they made it...and we all win as a result.)

It was a busy week -- lots of time in the car (only some of which was spent actually moving forward) and lots of meetings at great restaurants. I won't fall into the old routine of complaining about the traffic, but who in the world could do that every day? They say you get used to it. They say it's not so bad. They say you just have to know when to drive and when to wait.

I say I spent a lot of time in the car, only some of which was spent actually moving forward.

But I did manage to arrive at my various destinations, which means I met with Cliff Plumer, Chief Technology Officer of Digital Domain (they're working on Speed Racer these days...); Rodd Perry, CEO and co-President of The Ant Farm; Barbara Palmer, marketing executive; Carol Serling, wife of television legend Rod Serling; and Bob Iger, CEO of Disney.

To name a few...

These are all very busy people. They're all involved in major media projects, from film and television to advertising and special effects. And they all wanted to talk about the same thing: You. And the Park School. And Ithaca College.

They all wanted to hear about your work, and your successes, and the ways we're working to ensure you have lots of both.

It was inspiring and confirming, all at the same time. And I'm glad to be home to get back to work so we have more great stories to tell next time I'm out there (or you are....)


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