Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Honor Your Honor Society...and spiff (yes, it's a word) up your wardrobe!

How's that for snazzy? And wouldn't you look....well, snazzy wearing one?

Yes, you would.

And in addition to improving your wardrobe, you'd also be supporting a (very) worth cause: Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honor Society. (You're all honorable, but the Lambda Pi Eta Society is the organization for students whose leadership, academic
performance and service activities warrant a more formal recognition of that status.)

Here's the info:
Lambda Pi Eta, Ithaca College's communications honor society, is hosting a t-shirt fundraiser in February and March. The t-shirts feature a logo designed by one of your fellow Park students (Fred Kennedy!) during our logo contest. Shirts are white, long-sleeve, and have a small logo on the front left and a large logo on the back of the shirt.

Shirts will go for $15 (such a deal) with cash or a check payable to Ithaca College.
They'll be in the lobby Monday, February 25th- Friday, March 7th 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Now really: What better way to spend $15 AND help out your fellow Parkies AND add something snazzy to your wardrobe?

Can't think of one....


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