Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Fusion, It's Art, It's a Fellowship...and this summer, it's a PARKIE!

The Fusion Arts Exchange (FAX) is a government-funded fellowship program that brings undergraduates to the University of Southern California's film program for six weeks of film production, classes, seminars and workshops.

This summer, 15 students from Egypt, France, Lebanon, Mexico and the Philippines will participate in the program.

And so will five students from around the United States.

One of those lucky and talented five (of course!) is a Parkie:

Christina Bryant, a Cinema & Photo major (class of '11), will head to California on July 6 and will be there until August 15.

In addition to the classroom work in writing and production, Christina and her fellow Fellows will visit studios, production and post-production facilities, special effects companies and other entertainment-related sites.

How's *that* for a great way to spend your summer vacation.....


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