Friday, January 12, 2007

And THAT'S why you're glad you're a Parkie....

IMC Professor Scott Hamula just sent this along (and gave me permission to post it!); it's from a freshman Parkie who got to sit down with a couple of our most successful alumni -- a great example of why Park really is the kind of community that makes a difference:

My meetings at Avenue A went great, it was pretty incredible to be
> able to meet with two of the best in the interactive business.
> Brian Crooks the Creative director there shared some insights on
> how he thinks interactive media should be approached, he also
> liked the style of my work that i showed him. My meeting With
> Brian Krick was really great he was so cool and down to earth, it
> was very easy to talk to him, he says hi by the way. We talked
> about the great experience he had working in the LA program
> through ithaca. We also talked about how great Ad lab was
> eventhough they got fourth that year. All in all it was a great
> experience, and i still can't believe i got the chance to meet
> with them, only being a freshman. See you in a few weeks.
> -Shane


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