Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So you want to write for a magazine? and get paid? HERE's YOUR CHANCE

Ever dream about writing for a magazine that YOU would read?

Want to build a portfolio of clips or photographs that will get you a job covering music? politics? the environment? social justice? breaking news?

Here's your chance. Really. Right here on campus.

The college is launching a new magazine that will go out to thousands (and thousands) of prospective IC students. But it's not an Admissions brochure (really, not even close).

It's a magazine. Full color. Professional design. Very cool.

And it won't just be ABOUT you. It could also be produced BY you.

That means you now have the opportunity to write, shoot, and edit a magazine with a circulation of 100,000 readers. (How often does THAT happen?)

All you have to do is apply.

They're looking for writers, photographers, bloggers, editors, videographers (it'll be online, too, of course).

The Marketing/Communications office, which is publishing the magazine, is holding information sessions next week:

Tuesday, December 5
6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
North Meeting Room, Campus Center

Thursday, December 7
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Klingenstein Lounge, Campus Center

If you can't make it, contact Bonny Griffith directly at for information.

And if you can make it, be there. How crazy would it be to miss out on this one?

Antalek is a Broadcast Technologist (and Priester is a pro)

Some of you may remember Matt Antalek, May '06 graduate, and producer extraordinaire.

Matt's now working in Philadelphia at a company called Videolink (owned by one of our alum, of course), and he just emailed us to announce that he passed the Society of Broadcast Engineers' certification test to become a Broadcast Technologist.

Now, you may be asking what I asked:

What, exactly, IS a Broadcast Technologist?

The good news is, I happen to know a pretty amazing broadcast technologist (several of them, actually), so I went directly to the experts -- the folks in TechOps.

David Priester took the time to explain the certification process, as well as the Society of Broadcast Engineers. And while many of you may not be interested in this kind of work, you should ALL be as impressed as I am about the level of professionalism and skill his answer reflects. These are the guys who keep our operation running...and it's good to know we have such amazing expertise in the school:

The society of Broadcast Engineers ( is the professional organization
representing the technical employees in the broadcast business. It has legal and lobbying functions as well as a job bank and various usual things such organizations do.

It also has a competency certification program. A number of years ago when the FCC removed the operator licensing requirements from most broadcast functions there was concern from both employees and employers that there was no longer any means by which some minimum level of knowledge could be assured. The SBE started their system of certification levels which has grown more elaborate over time to fill this void.

Most of the various levels of certification require examination. The examinations are administered by local chapter certification chairs (Of course it's David in Ithaca, and he served in that role for a number of years in Atlanta as well) who have to be certified at at least the level of the exam they are administering. As well as the examinations most certification levels require some number of years of active employment.

The terminal level of certification that Don Ryan, Slade Kennedy and David have, for example, requires at least 20 years of active work history in responsible positions. Uniquely, it doesn't require further examination but you have to collect recommendations from your peers to support the application.

There is clear evidence that certification provides an edge in employment and generates higher salaries. Many broadcast and production related employers specifically ask for or require this credential. Like any other professional credentials it provides some evidence of clear interest and commitment to a profession as well as some technical competence since it does require some effort to attain.

The examinations are multiple choice in the lower levels and a combination of that and essay at the senior level. They are based onthe experience and knowledge one should have. The exams are open book for the most part in an effort to encourage a more "Real world" experience and discourage rote memorization.

David says he would always be interested in talking to folks interested in the program or membership in the organization. Although the title says "Engineers" the organization welcomes anyone with an interest in related fields and recognizes that a
vast number of "Broadcast Engineers" work in places where there is no transmitter.

Congratulations, Matt! and thank you, David.

I'm mortified. You?

This just in from IC grad David Nadelberg, who worked on the book with several other IC alum:

Dear Friends,

I am about to leave town for a multi-week book tour in support of MORTIFIED: Real Words Real People Real Pathetic. Now in book stores. 399 pages of pure shame. Even more fun? I'll be doing a bunch of national, regional and even international press stuff along the way. All kicking off with The Today Show.

> Nov 27
> The Today Show> NBC (likely around 9:30am)
> Nov 28
> Geraldo At Large
> FOX Affiliates (11pm in most cities)
> Nov 30
> Talk of the Nation
> NPR (listings at
> Dec 7
> Detroit: Fox Morning News

Keep an eye out, Mortified can be found in several publications this holiday season (Jane, Esquire, Glamour, LA Weekly, The Onion AV, Daily Candy, etc.) and we'll hopefully land more TV, radio or even websites while on the road. Speaking of which, if you live in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, LA, NYC or SF, I¹d be thrilled to see you at any of our book store events.

Have a safe holiday and remember to give the gift of angst.



Good at designing posters? Want to get paid for it?

Would you like to get paid to do graphic design? Are you interested in working on projects for the campus and having something for your portfolio?

The Office of Marketing Communication and the Park School are launching the Park Design House.

To find out more, come to an information session on Tuesday, December 5, at 12:05 p.m. in Park 220.

Can't attend? Contact Melissa Gattine at for more information.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Take a downtown photo and win gift certificates for the holidays!

This just in from Jenna Domber, who is interning for the Downtown Partnership....

Take the Best Downtown Ice Photo & Win CASH

Holiday Parade of Ice Celebration Photo Contest, Nov. 30th-Dec. 3rd

Take the best ice sculpture photo, and win $200! As part of this year's Holiday Parade of Ice Celebration, taking place Nov. 30th-Dec. 3rd, the Ithaca Downtown Partnership (IDP) will award a $200 prize to the person who takes the best photograph of an ice sculpture without harming it. Ribbons will be awarded to the first, second and third place finishers, and the winning photo will be used to advertise the event next year. All pictures must be submitted to the Downtown Partnership by December 9th.

Photos can be mailed to the Ithaca Downtown Partnership 171 E. State St., Box #136 Ithaca, NY 14850 or emailed to with Photo Contest in the Subject line. Along with the photo, please send a short (up to one page) description of the picture, including the outdoor environment when the photo was captured, location of the sculpture, and why it is the best one and any other details you would like the judges to know. Finally, include a cover page listing your name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. To have your photo returned, you mustm include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

A group of local photographers will use their own knowledge of photography as well as the guidelines below to choose the winners. The guidelines are:

· Creativity - Does the photographer show some creative thought or original idea in the making of this image? Is the subject or the content of the photo presented in a way we haven't seen before?

· Composition / Arrangement - Are the objects in the photo arranged in a meaningful, pleasing manner or are they haphazard? Did the photographer use the best angle or otherwise interesting perspective?

· Focus / Sharpness - Is the object of the photo in focus? If not in sharp focus, does it appear to be an intentional effect to enhance the image in some artistic way?

· Supporting text -Does the caption adequately introduce the picture? -How well does the photographer describe why his or her photograph is the best?

The $200 prize will be awarded in Downtown Dollars Gift Certificates. These unique certificates offer more flexibility than regular gift cards because they can be redeemed at more than 100 different stores in Downtown Ithaca. They look like actual checks and are treated just like traveler's checks. With the holiday "gift giving" season approcahing, Downtown Dollar Gift Certificates are a great way to recognize your family and friends and support Downtown's locally owned businesses! Downtown Dollars can be purchased at the IDP in Center Ithaca , M&T Bank, 118 N. Tioga St on The Commons, or the Clinton House Ticket Center, 116 N. Cayuga Street.

For more information, call the IDP at 607-277-8679. Photos can be mailed to the Ithaca Downtown Partnership 171 E. State St., Box #136 Ithaca, NY 14850 or emailed to with Photo Contest in the Subject line. ###

Katie Clapp
Ithaca Downtown Partnership
Special Events Coordinator

171 E. State St., Box #136
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607)277-8679
Fax: (607)277-8691

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Wii for me...

It was raining at 4:15 a.m. when I pulled into the Target parking lot out in Lansing. The rest of the mall parking lot was empty, but there were a dozen or so cars clustered close to the store, and sure enough -- just as the news accounts had predicted -- a line-up of lawn chairs next to the front doors.

I counted: 14 chairs and a couple of tents. And several of the chairs were empty; their owners must have been snuggled more comfortably in the two tents pitched nearby.

I had called Target at about 10 p.m. to find out what the lines looked like. I wanted to buy one of the new Nintendo "Wii" gaming systems for the Park School. (After all, it is the 'nongamers' system, and we're beginning to plan for a gaming and immersive media degree program in the school; what better way to introduce faculty and staff to the joys of interactive multimedia? Tennis, anyone?) But that didn't mean I was willing to sleep on the sidewalk in the rain to get one. Not even for the Park School.

Still, the woman who answered the phone assured me there were only a few folks out in front, and if I arrived by 5, I should be fine. "We have 24 in stock," she said. "And it's raining."

So there I was -- tired and wet, but reasonably optimistic. I made a quick head count of the crowd. In addition to the squatters at the door, there were three guys clustered around a car in the parking lot. One of them was slumped against the bumper, staring at the blue glow of his cell phone screen; the other two had just climbed from the car and were making stupid jokes (really, stupid) and guffawing at each other in ways that only a night out in Ithaca can produce. But they didn't seem to be officially "in line."

I couldn't figure out why anybody would come all the way to Lansing at 4 o'clock in the morning and then not join the queue. "If they're that drunk, they shouldn't be driving," I thought, law-abiding citizen and mother that I am.

Turns out, it wasn't about them.

I proceeded toward the store, lawn chair and book in tow (Bob Woodward's "State of Denial," I recommend it), ready for the two-hour wait. "OK," I was thinking. "Whaddya know? I might actually get one of these things. Think how psyched everybody will be at school."

Just as I got to the sidewalk, one of the people at the front of the line walked over to me. "You here to get a Wii system?" he asked me.

("No," I thought to myself. "I'm here because I am such a Target fanatic I always get up at 3:30 a.m. to be sure I'm the first one in.")

"Yes," I said. "Where's the end of the line?"

"There's no reason to stay," he said. "They only have 24 of them and there are already enough people here to get them."

I looked at him for a few seconds. Then I very explicitly scanned the line-up in front of the store. Counting.

"We have a list," he said. "We're all on it, and that's all the systems they have."

I looked at him some more.

"So," I finally responded, "it's your job to tell everybody else to go away?"

"I just want you to know that we have a list," he said again.

"Where's the list?" I asked. "Can I see it?"

"The guy over there sleeping has it," he said, nodding in the direction of one of the tents.

"And he's a great big guy," piped in a middle-aged guy sitting in one of the lawn chairs. "I wouldn't wake him up if I were you."

I looked at the tent. Long silence.

"We're sending people over to Best Buy," said the first one. "You'd have a better chance over there."

I looked back at them. They waited.


I contemplated -- for a brief brave moment -- holding my ground. But common sense prevailed:

There I was, a middle-aged woman with a lawn chair and a Bob Woodward book, who had driven from Trumansburg in the middle of the night just because it seemed like it would be kind of fun to bring a new game system into the Park School.

And there they were, a bunch of guys (OK, so it's a fact, not a political statement) who'd devised a plan to distinguish themselves from the rest of us. That old "haves-and-have-nots" thing.

They win.

"OK," I said. "I'm going."

I walked back to my car, right past the three guys still lounging against their car in the rain. They'd given up the fight, but not the war: If they couldn't join the line, at least they were going to stay in the lot. Good for them.

Driving home, I thought a lot about how quickly we claim our turf, no matter how absurd the stakes. We respond instinctively, we establish us-and-them, we act as though it matters.

And I listened to a news report about the crisis in Darfur, where it actually does.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Off to Vegas, courtesy of HBO...

This just in from Jason Sheridan...who says Park has the best internships?

Dear Academic Overlords,
As some of you know, Angel Yau and I have been interning with the HBO Comedy Festival during our time here in L.A. Well yesterday we got word that we're both being hired on as paid production assistants for the week long"The Comedy Festival" in Las Vegas. And by paid I mean wages in addition to air and ground transportation and hotel rooms.

The festival runs from November 15th to the 18th at Caesers Palace. More information about it can be found @


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sal and Bob: Park talk, anyone?

So how's this for a happy group? ESPN personality Sal Paolantonio, father of a current Parkie, and Park alum Bob Iger, president and CEO of Disney, spent a little time together recently...

...let's hope they were talking about the Park School!

Graduating? Need a job? Leverage your opportunities through IC...starting NOW!

OK, so graduation is six months away, but everybody's already asking that dreaded question:

So what are YOU doing after graduation?

OR you know you need an internship, you would really like to find one in Boston, DC, San Francisco or New York, and you don't know where to start.

Need help? No worries.

You can start by participating in the networking and outreach opportunities offered by the college's Career Services office.

Among the best of those opportunities is called the 2007 Career and Internship Connections. The CIC is a series of career fair like open forums, and pre-screened interviews to be held in five nationwide locations throughout the beginning of January 2007.

This year’s participating organizations include: NBC Universal, Ketchum, Pearson Education, North Shore Music Theatre, Federal Reserve Bank, Boston Scientific, New England Aquarium, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Bloomberg, Clear Channel Radio, Lehman Brothers, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Ogilvy, New York League of Conservation Voters, Simon & Schuster, Amnesty International, Edelman, ExxonMobil, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC), Young and Rubicam Brands, San Francisco, Abercrombie and Fitch, and many more!

Participation in CIC events is free.

To register for the events, apply for available jobs and internships, and corresponding interview opportunties, students should visit:

The application deadline to be preselected for an interview is Monday November 27th at 11:59pm.

This year’s CIC locations and dates are:

* New York City, January 4, 2007, American Management Association Conference Center
* Mid-west (Chicago), January 5, 2007, The Gleacher Center
* Boston, January 8, 2007, Back Bay Hilton
* Washington DC, January 10, 2007, American Management Association Conference Center
* West Coast (San Francisco), January 11, 2007, Wells Fargo Conference Center

For more information, contact John Fracchia at the Career Services Center,] or 274-3365.

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Summer in Rome? Bring your camera!

The Department of Cinema, Photography & Media Arts is partnering with Cornell University to offer summer programs in Rome. Courses in photography, film, dance, and theatre will be offered.

Information Session:
Thursday, November 16
4-6 pm
Park 220

In July of 2007, the Department of Cinema, Photography & Media Arts moves its Photography Summer Program from Florence to Rome, Italy under the guidance of Assistant Professor Nick Muellner. In addition, Assistant Professor Cathy Crane will be teaching a course in Film Editing in the new interdisciplinary Cornell Summer Program in Theatre, Film & Dance.

Both programs are housed at the Cornell facilities in the 17th Century Palazzo Lazzaroni, located in the beautiful and historic center of the city. Ithaca College students in Departments of Theatre, Film, Dance, or Photography as well as those with an interest in Cinema Studies are encouraged to apply.

The Photography course provides students with an opportunity to continue their photographic work in the rich cultural setting of Rome. Students would enroll through the Ithaca College International Programs division.

Students enrolled in the film component, taught by Ithaca College Assistant Professor Cathy Crane, would extend the work from their studies in Architectural space into the domain of Cinematic Space as constructed through the art of editing.

Ithaca College students interested in the Cornell Program in Theatre, Film & Dance would enroll through Cornell University. This interdisciplinary program is grounded in a shared course on the study of Architecture and public spaces throughout Rome. This core course will also be open to students enrolled in the Photography Program through Ithaca College. Students in all four disciplines will be encouraged to collaborate with one another on their respective final projects.

For more information, please join Cathy Crane, Nick Muellner, and Byron Suber, director of the Cornell Summer Program in Theatre, Film & Dance on November 16 at Park 220 from 4-6 p.m. For more information, contact or

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Couch Physics for your viewing enjoyment...

OK guys, it was a huge hit last year and it's back again for your viewing enjoyment: The second annual Couch Physics Film and Video Festival.

Here's what organizers Santiago Vernetti and Evan Meaney have to say about it:

Screening this Sunday, from 6:30PM - 9:00PM in the Park Auditorium, is the second annual Couch Physics Film and Video Festival. Over the semester we've gathered over twenty submissions of some of the most interesting film and video works Ithaca Sudents have to offer. As Park Students, we have a responsibility to support each other in our crafts, and what better way to get to know your fellow film and video makers than to see their works, and eat lots of delicious snacks? (outside the auditorium of course!)

Of course!

What else have you got to do on Sunday night that's more fun than that? (What could be more fun than that?)

You're a retreat!

Leadership Weekend 2007

You’re invited to retreat with your friends and fellow student leaders to a weekend filled with exciting activities, insightful workshops and memorable moments. A campus tradition, Leadership Weekend is a two-day retreat for Ithaca College first years, sophomores, and juniors. It brings together students from a variety of roles on campus to discover new ways to demonstrate leadership and develop new friendships. A memorable college experience, many past participants consider Leadership Weekend to be a meaningful way to connect with other student leaders and have expressed how much they have learned and gained through their participation.

The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement will present the annual Leadership Weekend on Saturday, February 10 – Sunday, February 11, 2007. Leadership Weekend is held off-campus in Owego, New York. Lodging, meals, transportation and retreat materials are all provided as a part of the $50.00 participation fee. Applicants must complete and submit an application by Friday, November 17, 2006 in order to be considered for Leadership Weekend. Applications are submitted online at and click on the link under the “News and Updates” section.

Most participants find sponsors to fund at least part of their participation fee if not all. Academic departments, student organizations, and campus employers are all permitted to sponsor students for Leadership Weekend. Consider talking with your supervisor, department chair or student organization about sponsoring you to attend. If you find you do not have the means to attend and have exhausted these possibilities, you may schedule an appointment with Kelly Stevens to explore further options. Schedule an appointment by calling 274-3222 or coming into the Center (319 Egbert Hall). Although the application asks for your funding sources, you can submit your application without this information if you need more time to find and confirm a co-sponsor. We look forward to seeing your application.

Kelly Stevens

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hip Hop comes to Park! Be there!

The African-Latino Society and Ithaca College wants you to join us in one
of the biggest screenings of the year!

The Hip Hop Project is a film that has just recently premiered at the
Tribeca Film Festival and will be released theatrically in the spring.
This will not only be your chance to see the film before everyone else,
but MEET THE CAST during a Q+A!

Thursday, November 9th at 7PM in PARK Auditorium.

It's a FREE screening and Q+A!

See you there!

"The Hip Hop Project tells the dynamic story of a group of teenagers who
transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as
a vehicle for self-development and personal discovery." -LA Confidential

Producer Bruce Willis on The Hip Hop Project:

"This is a story that needs to be heard."

For more information on the film or the screening:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

LOG ON, Help a fellow Parkie head to San Francisco

OK, guys, this is a challenge to the Park School. If you were in Nicole's position, you would hope that we would all pitch in and make YOU the best-read blogger in the competition.

So bookmark the page, and make it a point to log on and read her work every single day -- at least five times -- for the next three weeks. You can do this for a fellow Park student...and when it's your turn, the rest of us will do it for you....

Greetings, Dean Lynch!

I am writing to tell you about this contest that I am in! I have been chosen as a student blogger for and if my blog gets the most readers out of the 5 technology blogs I will be going to San Francisco for a job shadow at, courtesy of CBCampus. Experience is a career site specifically for college students & alumni that provides extraordinary job opportunities, real-world insights, and a network of inspirational role-models to help students explore and launch careers they love.

The reason that I am even qualified for this contest is because of the awesome classes and professors I have had from Park. Starting tomorrow, when the blogs go live, I will be trying to rally support from as many people as possible here at IC... especially Park! Could you maybe pass on the word and ask anyone to read my blog if you want me to lead this challenge!

I will be blogging for 20 days--take a look whenever you get a chance!



Nicole Spitalieri
Class of 2007
Senior Class Secretary
SGA Senior Class Senator

International Film Festival: Through the eyes of Park students

The International Film Festival will be held on Thursday, November 16th at 7pm in Textor Hall 101. The event will screen recent work by international students from the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

The International Community welcomes everyone who is interested in the event; it's part of International Week at Ithaca College.