Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kudos, Kudos, everywhere you look....

OK, so I don't think we could be prouder of the amazing work you all do...but it's nice when the rest of the world recognizes it, too.

And once again, just as predictable as the leaves changing colors, we're winning awards all over the place:

This just in from Chris Wheatley, our wonderful adviser to WICB and VIC:

We had a great trip to the Student Media Convention in Washington, DC this past weekend. At the Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc. student production awards ceremony on Friday, WICB won Grand Prize for Best Newscast. (My COMMENT: WAHOOOO!) This was for an afternoon cast by Cody Holyoke '07 on March 23. This is a national award, and it feels great to win.

WICB was also one of four finalists in the Best Sports Play-By-Play category. There were 43 entries for p-b-p, so that's quite an accomplishment. Our entry was the Ithaca vs. St. John Fisher basketball game on Feb. 9. Announcers were Dan Cassavaugh '08 and Pete Sachs '08.


AND...there's more! This in from our new (and amazing) adviser to ICTV, Professor Pete Johanns:

Hey Everybody;

ICTV won a total of 4 awards in this years Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. student production competition. The following ICTV shows were selected as winners:

Best Drama; "Beyond #3"
Best Sportscast; "Sports Final"
Best Sports Play-by-Play: "Ithaca Football vs. Hartwick"
Best Special Broadcast: "The Race 2: Episode 1"

ICTV was also a finalist in 8 of the 11 television categories in the competition including two finalists in the Best Drama Category. Those shows included:

Best Student Website, "ICTV.org"
Best Comedy, "This Week Tonight"
Best Drama, "The Paper-Episode 3"
Best promo, "The Terrible Young Couple"
Best Newscast, "NewsWatch 16"

Since they give out "trophies" to all of the finalists as well as the winners, ICTV walked away with a total of 13 awards. No other school was even close to being nominated as many times as us. It was almost embarassing having Ithaca College mentioned so much, but all of the hardware eased my guilty conscious. (MY NOTE: AND MINE...HEY, YOU GUYS EARN THIS KIND OF ATTENTION...)

Congratulations to everyone who worked on each of the shows! Also, a special thanks to Eloise Greene. I am hopeful we will be able to replicate and even exceed the results at next year's competition!


We're so proud to be Parkies. And we have so many reasons to feel that way....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is pretty great....OK, really great

We went to the Online News Association conference in Toronto last week to prove that college students are leading the way into the digital future of American journalism.

And we did it. (OK, so that's the 'royal we': the STUDENTS did it. Boy, did they ever...)

And this week, we have even more proof -- closer to home.

Take two minutes to log on to the Ithacan's new Multimedia page....and while you're at it, take a look at imprint, the Park School's online magazine.

Both are models of everything online content presentation should be.

Way to go, guys.

I've been an online journalist for a decade, and this kind of work makes me proud to be a Parkie.

You, too?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SO you CAN vote twice....three times....four times...

Even deans make mistakes.

Some big ones.

Some not so big.

I'm happy to say that this latest one isn't unforgivable (I hope) -- mostly because it's not too late to fix it.

Here's the deal:

Turns out there are actually FIVE (count 'em, FIVE) Ithaca teams of filmmakers who entered the Apple Insomnia Film Festival. And at least one of them had asked me to blog about THEIR entry (which I promised to do....and somehow got mixed up and thought the blog I posted yesterday was about THEIR film....)

Good news is, we can all vote for all FIVE of their films at least once.

OK, only once. But every vote counts.

So here's the list:

Need A Lift
A Great Fall
Larry's Love
Night of Napoleon
The Markist

And here's the link: http://edcommunity.apple.com/insomnia_fall07/contest.php
(for some reason, I can't get it to embed....)

Sorry, guys. My mistake.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Forget about sleeping. VOTE. (Hey: Ithaca IS Park, after all....)

OK, everybody, we need you.

More specifically, we need your VOTE. (And who knows, sometime it may be your turn to ask the Parkies of the world to vote for your project....not to mention that whole "golden rule" thing).

SO, here's the deal.

A group of Parkies -- Andrew Kalicki, Casey Dwyer, Greg Dunbar, Tim Pfeffer and Kyle Kelley -- have made a film for the Apple Insomnia film festival.

The team calls itself ITHACA IS PARK. (Gotta love it...)

They had 24 hours to write, shoot and edit the film. They did it. So did 2500 other crazy people. (OK, so not so crazy....)

And this is where we need your help.

You need to log on and VOTE. And ask your friends to vote (you can only do it once). Parkies can boost the film into the top 25 films on the site.

Voting ends November 9th

Thanks, guys.

ANY chance you'll be doing an internship in the next year? Are you SURE?


Every spring, usually in early May, students come to my office to tell me that they have just been awarded a FANTASTIC internship and they are SO excited and they want me to sign the paperwork.

And I look at them and say, "OK, that's SO great. But have you done the sexual harassment training?"

And they say, "Huh? What sexual harassment training?"

And I say, "Uh-oh."

So here it is October.

And you have a million things going on. But NOW is the time to do that sexual harassment training if you haven't done it already.

It's kind of like a vaccination. You only have to do it once. But EVERY student who enrolls in any internship course for credit in the Park School has to have completed the training. No exceptions.

(Yes, OK, last spring I just couldn't let this get in the way of students' great opportunities so I actually provided the training to small groups of kids, even one-on-one for some of them....and I just don't think we're going to be able to do that again....)

So mark your calendars, show up, we take attendance, and you'll be all set when NBC Sports, or J. Walter Thompson, or the New York Times calls and says "We would love to have you with us this summer...."

Here are the details:

Thursday, October 25, 12:10 - 1:00, Park Auditorium
The last session of the semester will be held:
Tuesday, December 4, 12:10 - 1:00 in the Park Auditorium.

Additional sessions will be scheduled in the Spring.

Sophomore? Great student? Want to be a Park Scholar?


As you may have heard (I hope), this year marks the first time the Park School is offering an opportunity to current sophomores to apply to become Park Scholars as of their junior year.

It's a new program funded and approved by the Park Foundation, one that acknowledges that some of our best and brightest Parkies -- students who have the academic profile, leadership skills, and commitment to social justice and public service -- are not currently Scholars. And we wanted to be sure to open the program as much as we possibly could.

Interested? You can find all the information on the Scholars site, or you can attend an informational meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. in Textor 103.

See you there!

PS I got a very good and helpful suggestion (see below) after posting this today. It is the case that Cinema and Photography majors are not eligible to become (junior) Park Scholars this year or next year. Historically, the Park Foundation established a cap on the number of Cinema and Photography majors who could be Park Scholars; that cap remains in effect for the graduating classes of 2010 and 2011. We are delighted that the Foundation has agreed to remove the cap for classes after 2011. More information is available at the link on the site (see above).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Parkies: They're leaders. They're managers. They're Sigma Iota Epsilon.

Eighteen (and that's a LOT) Parkies have been invited to become members of the Sigma Iota Epsilon honor society for management.

Those students, along with 29 business students, two HSHP students, and five H&S students will be inducted into the honorary society on Friday at 4 p.m. in Emerson Suites (stop by and congratulate your friends...this is a real honor!).

Parkies who are making us proud include:

Amy S. Becker-George, '08, M.S., Communications
Steven D. Gordon, '08, M.S., Communications
Tara Anne Rothberg, '08, M.S., Communications

Stephanie L. Appel, '08, Communication Management & Design
Conrad C. Capalbo, '10, Television-Radio
Jessica L. Carnduff, '08, Integrated Marketing Communications
Sara J. Cleary, '08, Integrated Marketing Communications
Andrew M. Hiltz, '08, Organizational Communication, Learning & Design
Elise A. Kain, '09, Communication Management & Design
Joshua M. Keniston, '08, Communication Management & Design
Elizabeth C. Kranz, '10, Communication Management & Design
Lauren J. Kurnit, '08, Television-Radio
Stephanie R. Lincoln, '10, Communication Management & Design
Kevin W. Metz, '10, Communication Management & Design
Andrea M. Palmer. '09, Communication Management & Design
Jason Soon, '08, Communication Management & Design
Garrett R. Stiger, '08, Cinema & Photography
Stefana R. Vutova, '08, Integrated Marketing Communications


OK, so Halloween is SUPPOSED to be scary...and cheesy....

...and Screech of the Decapitated should be both. It's the story of two showgirls out to save the world from outer space invaders, wrestling werewolves and bad taste.

It's playing at the Park School (in the Park Aud) on Tuesday, October 30, at 7:30 p.m. -- and it's a triple feature. Also playing that night will be the winner of the school's 2007 Blood and Gorges Film Festival. And following the film, you'll be able to stick around and meet Screech producers Judy Kim and Diana Kyle.

The film features well-known B-movie actress Debbie Rochon. Rochon has worked on more than 100 independent features and was inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame in October 2004. She was also presented with the Scream Queen of the Decade Award (1990 to present) by Draculina magazine’s readers' poll.

According to producer Judy Kim, "The film is purposely full of B-movie clichés -- continuity issues, a movie that almost seems like a different movie halfway through, bad special effects, and fake-looking monsters. Also, I have to mention that the actors are all really good actors, and they were truly 'acting' to achieve that over-the-top, B-movie feel.”

See you there!


About Judy Kim: Kim has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and has worked at Warner Bros. Studios in the theatrical marketing and consumer products divisions. She also consults with clients on a variety of entertainment industry-related affairs such as business plans, distribution, production deals, and merchandising licensing. Screech is her first film.

About Diana Kyle: Kyle has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, as an actress, singer, producer, and talent manager on both the East and West Coasts. She has appeared in several Off-Broadway plays as well as numerous regional theater and summer stock productions. She gained experience in both the advertising and promotions industries through positions at Ogilvie and Mather and at Warner Bros. Pictures. Kyle has a B.F.A. in speech and performing arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a member of Actors Equity Association and AFTRA.

Toronto was a BLAST!


The Parkies who have been working (and I mean WORKING) since June on the Innovation Incubator project had their big day on Thursday in Toronto -- and they were a smash hit.

As you may know (if you read this site on occasion), the Park School is part of a project being funded by the Knight Foundation this year to create new approaches to community news. Thirty-six students and seven faculty from seven journalism schools around the country came to campus in June, and most of them have been struggling, rejoicing (well, sometimes), and just-plain-hard-working through the process of innovation ever since.

On Thursday, they stood up in front of a conference-room audience of more than 150 professional online journalists (at the national Online News Association conference) and presented their ideas.

And the audience loved it -- so much so that I've been getting emails from professional online news organizations that want to adopt them, to turn these great ideas into real applications and sites that will serve real audiences.

I want to thank and applaud the Parkies who made our participation - and the success of the project -- possible. It wouldn't have happened without them, and they deserve as much credit and as many kudos as we can give them (it was one heck of a challenge).

Congratulations to Kyle Bosman, Christina Caraco, Brian Kolczynski David Schulman and Jeff Tatanus! Great work!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Real World, America's Psychic Challenge...and you

This just in from Career Services:

Bunim-Murray Productions
will be visiting campus on November 8 to interview students for internships and jobs.

During their visit, they will be recruiting for the following opportunities:

• Interns: Fall/Spring/Summer
• Day and Night Loggers (full-time job)
• Production Assistant (full-time job)

Students should apply through their eRecruiting account by November 5, 2007.

Questions: please contact Career Services at careers@ithaca.edu

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's help our LA Parkies take a walk....

IC Walking in LA AIDS Walk

Students, staff and alums of the ICLA program will be walking on October 21st in AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2007. Now in its 22nd year, the Walk raises critical funding for AIDS Project Los Angeles and other AIDS education, support and prevention programs throughout Los Angeles County. These programs provide health services, hope and encouragement to the thousands of women, men and children who live with the mental, physical and social consequences of this disease. They also work hard at stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Team Ithaca College Bombers would welcome your donations! You can reach the team's fundraising webpage by clicking here and then selecting a team member to receive your donations. To learn more about the AIDS Walk, visit their website at aidswalk.net/losangeles .

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hi everybody,

One of the teams working on the Knight innovation incubator project needs some help with a Flash presentation. Deadline is pretty tight, but the money is pretty good...if you're interested, let me know: dlynch@ithaca.edu.


Monday, October 08, 2007

BEIJING....here we come!

Just a reminder:

I will be holding an informational session for all those interested in interning at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The informational session is being held tomorrow, October 9 at 12:10 pm in the Park Auditorium.

If you are thinking about applying or already have and would like to learn more please stop in.


Saw I, II, III, etc....and how to be a film producer

Dan Heffner, one of the Park School's most accomplished and well-respected alumni, is coming back to campus next week to talk to Parkies about how to be a film producer.

Students who heard Dan speak last spring said he was among the most informative and inspiring people they'd ever met....and they were right.

This year, we're asking you to sign up in advance, so we can be sure to schedule the program in a venue that fits the crowd.

Here's the info from April:

Here are the details:

Master Class
"Producers Master Class"
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Park Auditorium

Dan Heffner, Producer of the "SAW" films will walk you through the role of a film Producer. He will discuss the responsibilities, roles, challenges and opportunities of a producer -- from start to finish? He will also bring some footage from his upcoming film "Repo! The Genetic Opera" starring Paris Hilton.

To get a sense of our numbers we are NOW requiring sign-ups for this course. Please stop by the Dean's Office (Park 311) between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday thru Friday to sign up. Please note... Sign ups will not be taken over e-mail.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sustainably yours...on ICB

This just in from Andrew Bernier, host of a new radio show titled 'Your Impact.' 'Your Impact' is a show that focuses on what you do, what your community does, what the nation does and how it all has an impact on each other, the economy and the environment.

The show premiers tonight, Sunday, October 7th at 5 p.m. on 91.7 FM WICB Ithaca. Or you can listen on-line at www.wicb.org.

The show is designed for members of Tompkins County (and the world) to both educate and learn. We discuss just
about any topic and how it is sustainable or how it could be more sustainable. From health care practices and building techniques to personal finances and education, the list is truly endless. Everyone from individuals to commercial companies are encouraged to use the show to share their knowledge and also to tune in and learn how to reduce (or increase) their impact on the community and the world. We want to report what you would like to learn more about.Interviews, call-ins, readings, reports and debates; we'll keep the information coming to you in new, refreshing ways. We'll even sprinkle in simple daily tips that you can do to make your life more sustainable.

So tune in to 'Your Impact,' today Sunday, October 7th at 5 p.m. on 91.7 FM WICB, and online at www.wicb.org.
And remember, no matter what your choices are, be it social, environmental or economic, they all add up to be your impact.

Sustainably yours,

Saturday, October 06, 2007

First-year Parkies are ALREADY winning national acclaim...

Mike Sutter, one of our new first-year Parkies, is already earning kudos for his work: Mike's a semi-finalist in the national video competition sponsored by the National Coalition Against Censorship.

His four-minute video, "Silenced and Censored," is one of 10 semi-finalists in this year's contest; filmmakers were required to submit a short film (no more than 4 minutes) answering the question “How Does Censorship Affect Me?”

Congrats, Mike! Winners will be announced sometime in the next few weeks; we'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's a GREAT race!

This just in from Pete Berg, producer of The Race, one of ICTV's most popular and successful programs -- check out the national publicity it's been getting!

1. Yesterday, MSNBC.com wrote a little blurb about The Race, and we got another GREAT review:
"...the series doesn't circle the globe, but its challenges, drama,
cast and editing are reminiscent of the series that inspired it — so
much so that you'll quickly forget you're watching something that
doesn't have a multi-million dollar budget."

2. There are a few bloggers who have started writing weekly recaps of The Race 2, so that all of the online fans can keep up-to-date with the show:
http://www.dingorue.com/2007/09/03/the-race-2-episode-1/ http://www.dingorue.com/2007/09/28/the-race-2-episode-2

There have also been several dozen reality tv forums that have active discussions about The Race and The Race 2...

3. An article on "Online Media Cultist" predicts that there will be a big online reality tv hit in the next 6 - 9 months, and cites The Race as an example of a stellar web-based show. (On a side note, I am planning to shoot a brand new, low-budget, web based reality show in the next few months in LA -- so maybe that big reality hit will be my next project! As the author says, "we're set for a paradigm shift in how 'television' is thought of, funded, covered, and viewed."):

I hope you enjoy the links...and also, don't miss Episode 3 tonight.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for your amazing work on The Race 2 -- and judging by the attention we've been getting, it's all really paying off.

Pete Berg
Producer, "The Race 2"

PS: A few people have asked me if anyone is hosting a screening get-together for the episodes on Wednesday nights in Ithaca. Honestly, I don't know, because I'm on the other side of the country. But, if you are hosting such an event, don't hesitate to invite each other over to watch the show! The Race is fun to watch on your own, but way more fun when you watch it with a big group (especially if some of the people don't know
the results).

PPS: Those of you who are in Los Angeles... is anyone interested in getting together to watch the show sometime? Maybe a Race 2 marathon once all five episodes are complete? Let me know!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Blood, and...well, it's that decapitated thing....

Two great events coming up this month:

Blood and Gorges Film Festival
Info Meeting: October 3
Screening: October 28

Who can make the scariest short film within a month? For more information on how to participate in this second annual contest, come to the meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. in Park 220.

The festival will be held on Sunday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. All entries will be screened and the audience will choose the winner. The filmmakers of the winning entry will have dinner with the producer of Screech of the Decapitated and have the film showcased before the Screech screening on Oct. 30 in the Park Aud.

Visit: bloodandgorges.com

Screening: Screech of the Decapitated
and Q&A with the film’s producer
Tuesday, October 30
7:30 p.m., Park Aud.

In this homage to the B-Movie genre, two beautiful showgirls must save the world from outer space invaders, wrestling werewolves and … bad taste. Celebrate Halloween with this Rocky Horror Picture-esque film!

Judy Kim, the film’s producer, will screen her work and answer questions. She has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and has worked at Warner Bros. Studios in the Theatrical Marketing and Consumer Products divisions. She also consults with clients on a variety of entertainment industry related affairs such as business plans, distribution, production deals, and merchandising licensing. Screech is her first film.