Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Urban Shogun hits MTV

Hello Everyone,

You're receiving this email because you're either a friend, family, former or current employer, professor, or any combination thereof. I'm writing you in regard to URBAN SHOGUN, the film that Artie Joann, Eric Anderson, and I made for our senior thesis at Ithaca College back in 2005. URBAN SHOGUN has been featured on this week. It has taken nearly two years to get the movie seen and recognized.

Best Film on Campus is a brand new site that MTV has stared for student filmmakers to showcase their work. Although we are no longer students, MTV asked us to submit the film anyway to help kick off the site with something special. It's been a long road with MTV, we've been in discussion about the project for several months and finally everything has come together. URBAN SHOGUN will be featured until Friday when someone else, probably an actively enrolled student, will had the opportunity to show his or her film. Please feel free to enjoy it, rate it, comment on it, and show it to all your friends. URBAN SHOGUN will continue to live on Best Film on Campus after Friday, you'll just need to navigate to it via the menus. You can also see it on YouTube, where MTV first picked it up, and on that little devil
known as myspace.

We're currently working out thoughts and details for a second series of animations of similar styles. I'll be certain to keep everyone posted when that time comes. Thanks for checking it out!

I hope everybody is well!


Timothy J. Lee

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Parkies do make a difference in the world...

This just in from the IC chapter of the American Advertising Federation, an extraordinary group of students that provides incredible service to organizations that need it -- like the community's Foodnet Meals on Wheels program. Take a few minutes to read the summary of their work; maybe it'll inspire you to join in!

When the Foodnet Meals on Wheels program needed to increase public awareness of their organization and mission, they turned to AAF for help. AAF is the Ithaca College chapter of the American Advertising Federation. President Leo Pike and VP Julie Gutman took the lead, supported by other club members and Faculty Advisor Scott Hamula.

AAF acted as a marketing firm taking on Foodnet as a client. A marketing strategy was presented to the Foodnet Board of Directors and approved. Target groups including Elders and Caregivers, Local Residents, and the College Community were identified. Of equal importance were people with the inclination and ability to give financial support.

Our main objectives are:

* Increase awareness among our target by 25%
* Increase annual donations from our target by 15%
* Reinvigorate the Foodnet brand

A synergistic approach was planned, integrating a variety of advertising media, public relations, event planning, and non-traditional media. The Foodnet logo and branded materials were refreshed. A generous grant from the TRIAD Foundation provided Foodnet with a budget for the project.

Creative Executions:

Television: A short film and 3-30 second commercials bring the viewer into the home of a Meals on Wheels consumer, demonstrating the impact of the service and why it is important. The commercials air on Time Warner Cable Channel 10 and the 4-minute movie is available as a “Video On Demand” on cable channel 560 In Your Neighborhood. Over 100 viewers chose to tune into the VOD during the first month. You can view the videos online at

Radio: A 30-second spot edited from the TV audio track airs on four local radio stations representing diverse audiences.

TCAT Bus: Bus cards for inside the bus and a large sign for the outside of the bus were created and will debut on two brand new hybrid buses joining the TCAT fleet on February 10, 2007. We hope to leverage some additional visibility from the public interest in the new, energy efficient buses.

Bus Card sample

Billboards: Within the scope of this project, we wanted to include Billboards to gauge their effectiveness. However, no funding from the Triad Foundation grant was used for billboards in order to avoid any conflict of interest (The Billboards are owned by Park Outdoor Advertising, and Roy H. Park Jr. is President of the Triad Foundation). Separate funding for the billboards was provided by a generous donation from a Foodnet Board member.

Results: A post-campaign survey will be compared to the pre-campaign survey and other information to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. The Board and management are impressed with the experience and professionalism of the AAF volunteers!

Thanks to AAF and the TRIAD Foundation, the visibility of the Foodnet Meals on Wheels program is being greatly elevated. It helps people who might need our services know where to turn, and it is helping cultivate new friends and donors, whose support is essential!

Politics Central: How about a semester in DC?

The Ithaca College Washington Semester Program is accepting applications for the Summer and Fall 2007 semesters. Four informational Sessions will be held:

Wednesday, January 31st at 6:00pm in Park 279
Thursday, February 1st at 12:10pm in Park 279
Wednesday, February 14th at 6:00pm in Park 279
Thursday, February 15th at 12:10pm in Park 279

These sessions are intended for students interested in attending the Washington Semester Program in the Summer and Fall 2007 semesters. Former participants in the program will be at the sessions to share their experiences.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't miss this one. You won't get another chance.

The Park School brings amazing speakers to campus on a regular basis. It's one of the things we do best.

But next week, on February 8, we're setting new standards.

On Thursday night (Feb. 8), we're bringing to Ithaca College one of the world's best-respected and most accomplished journalists, Robert Fisk, as this year's Park Distinguished Visitor.

Fisk, the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper, The Independent, is coming to Ithaca from Lebanon, solely to spend time with us here in the Park School. This is truly an extraordinary opportunity to hear one of the world's real experts talk bluntly and concretely about what's going on in our nation's war zones.

Fisk speaks fluent Arabic and is one of the only Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden -- not once, but three times.

He is also the recipient of 28 British and foreign press awards, more than any other British journalist, including six "foreign correspondent of the year" awards and two "journalist of the year" awards.

He is the author the best-selling Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon; The Great War for Civilisation - The Conquest of the Middle East; and two books on modern Irish history.

He'll be speaking in Emerson Suites, Thursday, February 8, at 7:30 p.m. Come early. It's going to be crowded.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Park announces the Reginald Simmons Memorial Award, which will send two students to Africa this summer

As you all know, Bob Iger -- president and CEO of Disney -- is a Park alumnus, and like so many Park alumni, he is actively involved in and dedicated to the school.

When he was on campus in October, Iger announced that he had made a gift to the Park School that will endow a very special memorial to one of his dearest friends -- a man named Reginald (Reggie) Simmons, who devoted his career to improving the lives of the people of Africa. Simmons was a politics major at IC, and he and Iger were lifelong friends until Simmons' unexpected death in 2003 (hear Iger talk about Simmons' during his address to campus in October).

In his honor, Iger has established the Reggie Simmons Memorial Award, which each year will send two students to participate in a program with which Simmons worked for many years: Operation Crossroads Africa (OCA). OCA is America’s premier cross-cultural exchange program designed to promote understanding of Africa and its culture.

The 2007 program runs June 15-August 10 and has three components: three orientation days before departure, six work weeks on a development project in the host country, and one travel week in the host country. Projects are scheduled for many countries, including Gambia, Ghana, Kenya Niger, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Students who are majors in the Park School or in the Politics Department are eligible. To apply, submit two 500-word essays answering the following questions:

1) How have you changed the world?

2) What impressions come to mind when you hear the word 'Africa'?

Deadline for applications is February 15. Submit essays with a cover sheet that includes your name, address, phone, e-mail address, major and student ID number. Applications can be delivered to Melissa Gattine in Park 378.

For more information on the OCA program, visit

No surprises: Saw course over-enrolled

Hey everybody,

Many (MANY) of you got the email from April about Dan Heffner's course (he's the producer of the Saw movies) and rushed to get online and register.

So many of you, in fact, that the course filled up completely -- and then some.

Since then, we've been getting all kinds of emails and calls about overrides. And I'm sorry, but we just can't do it; there are already 60 students in the course and that's all the seats we can possibly allow.

Here's a tip: The course was announced on the blog for a couple of days before April sent the email -- during which time there were plenty of seats.

And you know, ALL of the opportunities in the Park School -- from mini-courses like this one to trips to France and Olympic internships -- always show up on the blog first (it's that deanly thing -- I get to do the fun stuff, like telling you about all the great activities in the school....).

So you might want to bookmark this site and check it on a regular's probably worth your time (if I do say so myself....)


Reality strikes again: Dreamworks and a development deal

This just in from Nicole Spitalieri, who pointed us to a site about a new project by DREAMWORKS: a reality show that wants to make YOU the next Steven Spielberg (or something like that...)

Welcome to your chance to win a ONE MILLION DOLLAR DEVELOPMENT DEAL with DREAMWORKS. Anybody from anywhere around the world can enter (13 and older please), but you’ve got to do it no later than February 16th, 2007.

Here's the info:

(Thanks, Nicole!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Three Parkies (count 'em, THREE!) are among "most promising minority students"

This just in from the American Advertising Federation (check out the list!):

AAF Tackles Advertising Industry's Urgent Diversity Hiring Needs by Announcing Most Promising Minority Student Honorees

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2007-As part of its longstanding agenda to proactively address the multicultural hiring needs of the advertising industry, the American Advertising Federation's (AAF) Most Promising Minority Students (MPMS) Program will bring 50 talented minority students to New York to meet with top advertising, media and agency companies. The MPMS Program, now in its 11th year, is the advertising industry's largest and most comprehensive diversity hiring solution. This year's 50 graduating advertising seniors represent 34 colleges (see list below). The program will be held February 6-8, 2007, at the New York Athletic Club in New York City, with a February 7 celebratory awards luncheon as its centerpiece.

With recent controversy over the lack of multiculturalism in the advertising industry, corporations continue to explore strategies for broadening employee diversity. The AAF is aggressively addressing that need with a number of strategic recruiting programs, especially the long-standing MPMS Program. Managed by the AAF Mosaic Center on Multiculturalism, MPMS has provided more than 300 minority candidates by connecting recruiters with advertising students that demonstrate excellence.

"The AAF is committed 100 percent to increasing the ranks of minority talent among top advertising corporations," said AAF President & CEO Wally Snyder. "This year's prestigious Most Promising Minority Students Program is the perfect example of that pledge, showcasing the extraordinary talents of those that are destined to be great assets to our business."

This year's presiding luncheon chair is Frank Cooper, vice president, marketing, Pepsi-Cola Company, which is the Most Promising Principal Underwriter; co-chairs are Sheena Payne, manager of advertising and promotions, American Airlines, which is the Most Promising Official Airline, and Jill Manee, vice president/publisher, the Ad Age Group, which is the Most Promising Trade Media Partner.

Finalists include:

Adnan Ali, Southern Methodist University
Carla Ballecer, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Antonio Banos, Texas State Univ - San Marcos
Ekta Batra, Ithaca College
Frances Biver-Vasquez, Pennsylvania State University - University Park
Mariella Brodersen, University of San Francisco
Danya Jo Brown, University of Oklahoma
Thomas M. Chan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maeden Cruz, Art Institute California - San Diego
Larene Faye DeGuzman, Pennsylvania State University - University Park
Nikasha Dicks, Paine College
Jessica Dinkelman, Ball State University
Dohnia Dorman, University of New Mexico
Iliana Espineira, University of Florida
Lamonica Falkuay, Syracuse University
William G. Frierson, University of South Carolina
Timothy Frisby, University of South Carolina
Rhea S. Goffe, Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Jovanna Gomez, Florida State University
Robert O. Gonzales, University of Oklahoma
Jose A. Gutierrez, University of Texas - El Paso
Becca Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Brenda Hernandez, University of Texas - Pan American
Helen Hsu, University of Georgia
Nancy Jeng, University of Texas at Austin
Alyssa Joy Johnson, Howard University
Lauren K. Johnson, Howard University
Joela Kemp, Iowa State University
Miao Jun Kuang, Pace University
Nivedita Kulkarni, Washington University
Stephanie LaCapra, Pennsylvania State University - University Park
Ronald Lam, Ithaca College
Carolyn Larson, Ithaca College
Gina Lawrence, Spelman College
Gong Liu, University of Central Florida
Jeremy S. Monton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Olga Montserrat, University of California, Berkeley
Gretta A. Moody, Hampton University
Shara Moon, University of Central Florida
Lani Nguyen, Chapman University
Andrew V. Nhem, University of Oregon
Luiza Raposo, University of Georgia
Nicole L. Reed, Howard University
Shelecia R. Rogers, University of Louisville
Lauren Strazisar, Ohio University
Tramell Tillman, Jackson State University
Bienvenido Torres III, University of Florida
Nayeli Valentinez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Charlene Wang, University of Georgia
Russell W. Wyman Jr., Southern Methodist University

Monday, January 22, 2007

Comedy Central comic Eliot Chang comes to IC

Comedian Eliot Chang from Comedy Central's Premium Blend will perform at Ithaca College on Sunday, January 28 at 7 p.m. in Emerson Suites.

Following his comedy routine, Eliot will hold a one hour program entitled “Asians in the Media." The event is free and open to the public.

Holocaust survivor, MLK colleague to speak in Park

Ingrid Frank--a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany and a longtime human rights activist who went to jail for the Civil Rights movement in 1968—will help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Week at Ithaca College by giving a keynote address, “How to Change the World,” on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Beginning at 8 p.m. in Park Hall Auditorium, Frank’s talk is free and open to the public.

She is the co-founder of Periscope Associates, an organization that develops and promotes marketing campaigns, books, films, exhibits, and special events designed to promote racial healing.

The event will also feature a panel discussion that gives practical advice on how to serve as an advocate at the legislative level to truly enact social change. The panel features local activists as well as Frank.

OK, so this is a personal one....

I don't do this very often -- like never, actually -- but in addition to being the dean of the Park School, I also happen to be a mother.

And like all mothers, I like to do everything I can to give my kids a helping hand (or blog posting) when I can.

So here's the deal (and for once, this isn't about the Park School):

My son Drew's band, The Static Age, is on MTV this week, one of five bands you can vote for after watching the video (you know the deal).

So here's the link, just in case you have a minute and want to see what the dean's son looks like (he doesn't wear the mascara at home, I promise).

And no, voting for him won't get you an A or a free trip to Paris. But he'd appreciate it, for sure.

And just so you know, your mom would do this for you, too.....

Stop by, say hello, enjoy the show....

What are you doing on Thursday at 5 p.m.?

I can't imagine that anything could be more important than stopping by the Handwerker Gallery to say hello and enjoy the amazing work of Professors Ron Jude and Nicholas Muellner, two of our faculty in the Department of Cinema, Photography and Media Arts. Their new exhibit, "Stubborn Things," will open Monday (that would be today) and run through Feb. 18.

But the party -- the one you don't want to miss -- will take place on Thursday, Jan. 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Handwerker Gallery.

Nick Muellner also will present an artist talk in Gannett 112 on Wednesday, Jan. 31 and in the gallery on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Hope to see you all there.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two weeks in France?!? Free? Did you say FREE?

Remember last year, when 20 Park students had the opportunity to go to France for two weeks in May?

Remember what an amazing, life-changing experience they had? (Well, if you don't remember hearing about that, you can take my word for it. Really, it was a great time.)

Well, I'm happy to tell you that we're doing it again. This spring, in May 2007, twenty Park students (majors only) will join Professor Kim Gregson for a two-week trip to Dijon, France (with a few side trips to places like Paris).

And it's free. You cover airfare (today, with student discounts, it's about $500), we cover everything else.

Here is how it works...

The Park School has a partnership with the Burgundy Business School in Dijon, France. Under the terms of the agreement, a Burgundy student receives tuition assistance to study at the Park School; in exchange, a group of 20 Park students is invited to visit Dijon (and Paris, Geneva, and Strausbourg) for two weeks at the end of May – all expenses paid except for airfare.

Here are the names of last year's 20 lucky winners.. (and sorry, but they're
not eligible to go again this year... )

Jesse Borrell, junior
Lucien DeLaBruere, freshman
Michael Demarast, freshman
William Feldman, sophomore
Matt Gogal, junior
Hillary Gozigian, junior
Michael Hubbard, junior
Susan Kraus, senior
Heather Lew, senior
Ana Liss, junior
Marissa Lamb, senior
Amanda Morrissette, junior
Lindsay Piccotti, senior
Laura Rowett, freshman
Michelle Rueda, freshman
Sean Servis, junior
Christine Szudzik, senior
Abigail Lisa Valovage, sophomore
Michael Wechsler, senior
Nicole Zachringer, sophomore

-- The trip leaves New York after graduation on Tuesday, May 22, 2007, returning June 5 or June 6, 2007 (we're still finalizing the details).
-- The group will fly from New York City to Paris. Participants will be responsible for paying their own round-trip airfare (although nobody who is selected to participate with be excluded because of finances).
-- The Burgundy Business School will be responsible for all other expenses (except, of course, your discretionary spending money). It will pick you up at the airport in Paris, and take care of you for two whole weeks -- including lodging, food, transportation, and a full itinerary of events and activities.
-- The schedule will include museum tours, day trips, media visits, lectures and social events with international students studying at Burgundy.
-- The schedule also will include free time to explore Dijon, and surrounding areas OR travel to London, Amsterdam, Munich, etc. Your expenses on that kind of wider European excursion would be your responsibility, but your expenses if you stay in Dijon will be covered by the school.
-- The schedule will also include a visit to Paris. Burgundy will cover all of your expenses on that trip.
-- The group will be accompanied by Kim Gregson who will be coordinating the trip over the next six months and during the two weeks you’re in France.
-- The trip will be offered as a learning experience that DOES NOT require you to enroll for academic credit. We are doing everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible, and we are sensitive to the fact that many students cannot afford to buy a summer-school credit. Those students who need or want academic credit can make arrangements with the faculty member for independent study.
-- In exchange for this opportunity, you will agree to participate in a project documenting your experiences while in France. Those materials will be used to promote the trip in future years. AND you will promise to be the absolute best representatives of the Park School you could possibly be so we will continue to enjoy this partnership with the Burgundy Business School for many years to come.

This year, we can take up to 20 students to France. Obviously we expect many more students to express an interest in participating. So here’s what we’re going to do:

Monday morning, January 29
, there will be forms in the rack OUTSIDE the Dean’s office on the third floor of Park. Stop by, fill out the form, sign it, and hand it in to Gwen at the front desk in the Dean’s office.

One submission per student ONLY. (We do check before drawing names, and anyone who submits multiple forms is disqualified...and yes, it happened.)

We’ll be accepting forms until 5 p.m. Wednesday. That means you have from 8 a.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Wednesday to put your name in the drawing. No exceptions.

If you're studying abroad or in LA, you can email April Korpi at, expressing your interest and providing her your name, address in Ithaca, telephone number, class, and the type of documentary work you are best able to produce (writing, video, photography).

Questions about the trip should also be directed to April, but ALL students currently on campus in Ithaca must submit the paper form to the dean's office. If you're not here, you're sick, you're working an internship and can't get to the dean's office, ask a friend to fill out the form for you. Sorry, no exceptions on this one; we're trying to be fair to everybody.

On Thursday, we’ll review the forms, make sure we have all the information we need on each form, and put them all in a box.

We’ll select 20 forms – lottery-style. By applying, you're committing to the trip, so please don't apply unless you're sure you can go.

And the winners will be off to France in May!

(Isn't it fun to be a Parkie?)

Saw I, Saw II, Saw III....and you?


Great news from former alum and amazingly successful film producer Dan Heffner (you may remember that Dan came to Park last semester and made an amazing presentation to a standing-room-only crowd in the auditorium).

He's coming back to teach a mini-course on the responsibilities, role, challenges and opportunities of a producer -- from start to finish -- using the SAW films as the case studies.

Here are the details:

NAME OF COURSE: Film Production, from concept to distribution

DATES OF COURSE: February 2-4, 2007

TIMES: Friday, February 2 (5:00pm-9:00pm), Saturday, February 3
(9:00am-5:00pm with breaks), and Sunday, February 4 (9:00am-12:00noon)

LOCATION: Park Auditorium

LEVEL: 200

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Dan Heffner, Producer of the "SAW" films will walk
you through the role of a film Producer from inception to release, using
SAW as a guideline. Sort of a Producer's master class. Students will
need to have a basic understanding of the film making process as well as
a good understanding of terminology and the different elements of film
production. Class open to all 200 level students. Park Majors ONLY.

HOW TO REGISTER: Go online to Homer and register for the course. It's a one-credit course, so if you're registered for fewer than 18 credits, you can just add it. If you're registered for 18 credits, you will need to drop a course to add this one OR you will need to contact the registrar's office, which will explain to you the guidelines for taking more than 18 credits.

How many days until graduation?


For those of you who are seniors, it's that time of year -- and your life! You have one semester left here in the Park School (we miss you already), and you are already tired of that horrendous but inevitable question: "So-oooooooo," drawls your aunt/uncle/cousin/grade-school teacher, etc. etc., "What are YOU doing after graduation?"

The answer, of course, is that you are embarking upon the most exciting adventure in your life so far.

But the other answer has to do with employment...which you may want to start thinking about in more focused, serious ways.

If that's the case, and you happen to be interested in journalism, graphic design, photojournalism, or advertising sales, here's a good place to start (and watch this space in the months to come, we'll be featuring LOTS of such opportunities):

The New York Press Association will host a job fair for college seniors on Saturday, March 31, at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. The by-appointment-only fair matches community newspapers with college students looking to enter the job market in the fields of journalism, graphic design, photojournalism and advertising
sales. Students wishing to be considered for interviews at the job fair should submit a cover letter, resume, and three clips of recently created news articles, photos, or ads (as appropriate) to NYPA:

Via email:

Via postal service: NYPA Attn: C. Hogan-Kilburn 1681 Western Avenue Albany, NY 12203.

Deadline is Feb. 15. Student submissions will be posted on the NYPA website for review by NYPA member newspapers. Those selected for an interview will be notified by March 15.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beijing, anyone?


Several of you have asked me about whether we're going to be working with NBC Sports for the Beijing Olympics, and I have responded that I certainly hope so -- but we hadn't heard.

Today, we heard.

I got an email from the internship coordinator, who says they loved the students who worked with NBC Sports in Turino, and YES, they would be delighted to work with us again.


They're finalizing the details and she said she'll get back to me in 4 to 6 weeks to let us know what's going to happen and when.

I'll keep you posted, of course. In the meantime, take a look!

Friday, January 12, 2007

And THAT'S why you're glad you're a Parkie....

IMC Professor Scott Hamula just sent this along (and gave me permission to post it!); it's from a freshman Parkie who got to sit down with a couple of our most successful alumni -- a great example of why Park really is the kind of community that makes a difference:

My meetings at Avenue A went great, it was pretty incredible to be
> able to meet with two of the best in the interactive business.
> Brian Crooks the Creative director there shared some insights on
> how he thinks interactive media should be approached, he also
> liked the style of my work that i showed him. My meeting With
> Brian Krick was really great he was so cool and down to earth, it
> was very easy to talk to him, he says hi by the way. We talked
> about the great experience he had working in the LA program
> through ithaca. We also talked about how great Ad lab was
> eventhough they got fourth that year. All in all it was a great
> experience, and i still can't believe i got the chance to meet
> with them, only being a freshman. See you in a few weeks.
> -Shane

Looking for a (part-time) REAL job in TV?

This just in from Lindsay Piccotti, a May grad, who is working at News 10 in Syracuse:

I work as an assignment editor at News 10 in Syracuse (Evan Axelbank also works with me). I have a great opportunity for any recent or soon to be graduate. There’s a part-time video journalist position opened at our Ithaca bureau! We’re looking for someone who knows the area well to fill that position (and who better than someone who spent the past 4 years of his or her life there??). If you know of anyone, please let me know and encourage them to apply online on the Time Warner website.

Don't you just love it when professional Parkies remember to think about what it was like to be a student Parkie? (I do.)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

OK, so I watch the Super Bowl just for the ads...and this year, I have a reason!

I'm a big fan of the Super Bowl, but it has nothing to do with the game. I tune in for the ads (you, too?)

It's the biggest night of the year for advertising agencies, which use the game as the backdrop for what really matters: those 30- and 60-second magic messages that set the standard for creativity and innovation across the industry.

This year, one of those messages comes directly to you -- and to the estimated 140 million other Super Bowl viewers -- from (you guessed it) a Parkie.

Gino Bona, a '95 TVR major, just won the National Football League's Super Bowl ad contest, which means his concept (which captures the angst and misery of football fans at the end of the season) beat out thousands of others to earn a coveted slot in the Super Bowl line-up.

Here's a story from the Buffalo News

Congratulations, Gino! We'll be among the 140 million fans cheering for you...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Interested in PR? Marketing? A great internship?

This just in from the marketing director of the Ithaca Downtown Partnership, which is looking for an intern to do ...well, all things marketing and PR!

Internship with the Marketing Director for the Ithaca Downtown Partnership.

As marketing director, I am responsible for everything related to our downtown merchants, retailers, restaurants, etc. (businesses within the BID boundaries... about 22 square blocks). Considering not everyone has email, just keeping everyone informed and involved can be a full-time job in itself. From employee discount cards, to newsletters, to meeting schedules, there is a lot to circulate at any given time. I am also responsible for general marketing and advertising. These three little words cover a universe of line items! These include (and are in no way limited to) student marketing, a regional "targeted marketing campaign", marketing to residents/locals, website maintenance and design, newsletters, brochures and distribution, informational and support collateral for various projects and initiatives (like Downtown Dollars), ribbon cuttings, press releases... I will run out of room soon, but you get the idea! Oh, and did I mention GRANTS???

Why intern at IDP:
Downtown Ithaca is growing. 22 new businesses opened this past year and there are multi-million dollar projects in the works right now. Downtown is exciting. There is no such thing as boredom in our office! We offer an opportunity to explore and understand how non-profit organizations (read: understaffed but passionate!) function; how communities work to position themselves as tourist destinations; how to collaborate with lots of entities on lots of levels (political, economic, social); and we need people who can contribute creatively to the "whole picture" of what we would like to accomplish as far as branding and identity for Downtown Ithaca. We are getting there, but we need more co-pilots!

If you are interested, contact:
Stephanie W. Vann
Marketing Director
Ithaca Downtown Partnership
Center Ithaca - 171 E. State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607-277-8679
Fax: 607-277-8691

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Paid internship? Did you say PAID?

This just in from Henry Kavett, one of the Park School's most avid supporters and a member of our new National Advisory Board (thanks, Henry):

Hello Dianne: You know of Burson-Marsteller as one of the great PR firms in the world. I spent a couple of years there in the 70's....

They have a terrific PAID summer internship program for Junior or Senior level students...

Program web site:

Main company site:

Henry Kavett
WYD Media Management, LLC

Monday, January 01, 2007

New LA site launches....pretty cool, eh?

Take a look at the new Web site for the LA program:

How's that for an improvement? (Remember the old one? Blue? Yellow? BIG typeface? egads.)

The new site is the brainchild of LA program coordinator Jon Bassinger-Flores, who has worked for months with the designer to create a site we can all be proud of.

What a great way to start 2007....Happy new year!